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From Above

Creating Geo-referenced Orthomosaics and Digital Elevation Models (DEM) with our RPV’s has never been easier and we provide the entire service from flight planning to the final product. We understand the importance of having requested information timeously and accurately delivered to our Clients.

Our flight planning software takes care of all the flying characteristics by calculating flying height, speed and photo overlap based on your requirements. Our RPV then follows its flight plan and automatically triggers photos while taking into account the wind and its own flight speed. Our RPV’s are also capable of recording a video of the area flown should it be required by the Client. All flights are monitored at our Ground Station including flight progress, ground and air speed, battery\fuel left, etc.

All our images are geo-referenced with each image having a position and orientation, which allows us to obtain a global Orthomosaic and Digital Elevation Models (DEM) with or without ground control points. Using this data we are able to generate Contours, Profiles, 3D Models, Cross-sections, Longitudinal Sections, CAD drawings, Volume and Area calculations.

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